Case Study: Content Rich Wordpress Website Development


Content Rich Wordpress
Non-Profit Organization

Case Study: Content Rich Wordpress Responsive Development


Content Rich Wordpress
Non-Profit Organization


The Learning Tree is a grassroots organization focused on raising the visiblity of community talent and resources in overlooked areas. With a mission of "making the invisible visible" the group utilized talent within the neighborhood to create its first website in 2014. The "calling card" website contained a basic mission statement and staff list, a placeholder as the group worked to expand into the community.

As The Learning Tree continued to grow, organizers need a website the could showcase the community central to their mission. They also needed to raise visibility, encourage participation, and attract new donors.


GTS sat down with the staff of The Learning Tree and discussed its work in the community and its goals for the future. It quickly became clear that the website needed to serve two distinct but mingled purposes:

1. It needed to act as a showcase and hub for the local community.

2. It needed to help potential donors understand the concrete impact of the group's mission in the community.

GTS recommended ditching the corporate look of the original website in favor of one that emphasized community engagement and rich content, a living embodiment of the group's mission statement.

A responsive design was suggested to serve both audiences. While donors were more likely to view the website from an office desktop computer, the underserved community needed a mobile-friendly solution. Mobile Internet consumption averages 75% in the United States. But, in areas like the one served by The Learning Tree, mobile can account for upwards of 90% of all website traffic.


The new, responsive website, delivered on-time and under budget, looks great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices and loads in less than 3 seconds. The Wordpress backend, specifically tailored to allow community participation in the website's content, helped The Learning Tree save development money and control future costs. The site has resulted in increased community awareness, improved attendance at events, increased media attention, and new donor grants.

The return on investment (ROI) was huge. For every dollar The Learning Tree spent on their new website, they gained twenty dollars in new donor contributions.


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