Case Study: Mobile 1st Website Development


Mobile 1st Website
Business to Consumer

Case Study: Mobile 1st Website Development


Mobile 1st Website
Business to Consumer


In 2011, when Indiana's Finest Wrecker developed their website, less than 10% of all Americans consumed Internet content from a mobile device. The average customer, a stranded motorist, was more likely to call information or home for the number of a tow truck than surf the web

Fast forward to 2017 and 75% of all Internet content is consumed from a mobile device. The desktop website for Indiana's Finest Wrecker was technically accessible on a smart phone but difficult to read, requiring the customer to pinch and zoom. It also took over seven seconds to load. The owner of the company knew he was losing business.


Our staff sat down with the owner and helped him understand both the huge shift to mobile and the specific ways it affected his business. This boiled down to 4 key pieces of information:

1. In his specific business sector, 94% of all Internet traffic came from mobile devices.

2. Conversion rates increased an average of 64% with a mobile-friendly website.

3. After 3 seconds of waiting for a website to load, 30% of mobile users abandon it and go back to search results. By seven seconds, that number grows to almost half.

4. Google now penalizes websites that aren't "mobile-friendly" in their search results.

In short, between mobile accessibility issues and website loading times, Indiana's Finest Wrecker was losing a lot of business. GTS suggested a "mobile 1st" strategy in line with the customer's needs. The new website would focus on mobile accessibility, loading speed, and ease of use.


The new, mobile-first website, delivered on-time and on budget, loads in less than 1 second and allows customers to call for a tow truck with the press of a single button that's always on the screen. As a result, website conversion rates are up more than 50% and site abandonment is now a thing of the past.


Desktop design, not mobile friendly


Mobile 1st design, mobile friendly


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